Frequently Asked Questions

Mattresses, Toppers, Futon

What's the difference between the Top Mattress and Top Mattress Luxe?
Can the Top Mattress or Top Mattress Luxe be used as a standalone Sleep Surface?
Up to what individual body weight is ideal for an airweave?
What type of bed frame do you recommend?
Does airweave work on an adjustable bed?
Does airweave require a box spring?
Are your mattresses flame retardant?
Is there any off-gassing or smell to the products?
Should I use a mattress protector?
Should I flip my mattress?
Can I use an electric blanket?
How should I store my Futon or Toppers?
Will airweave remove my old mattress?
What's the best way to assemble my Mattress?

Product Benefits

How does airweave keep me in a deeper sleep?
How does airweave regulate body temperature?
Will airweave help relieve lower back pressure, aches & pains?
What makes airweave eco-friendly?

About Airfiber

What is airfiber®?
What is the material makeup of airfiber®?

Product Specs

What are the dimensions and weight of the New airweave Mattress?
What are the dimensions and weight of the New airweave Mattress Advanced?
What are the dimensions and weight of the Futon?
What are the dimensions and weight of your Top Mattress?

Wash Instructions

How do I wash my airweave product?


Is your company address a showroom?


Do airweave products have a warranty?

Ordering Online

How do I place an order?
What should I do if I am having trouble placing an order?
What payment methods can I use to place an order?
Can I cancel my order?


How will I know when my order ships?
When can I expect my order?
Does ship internationally or to Alaska or Hawaii?
What should I do if I only received a partial shipment?
What should I do if I think my shipment is lost?
What should I do if my shipment arrived damaged?

Recycling Fee

Why am I seeing a recycling fee when I check out?

Product Returns

What is the airweave return policy?
When can I expect my refund?
What is the return policy if I purchased an airweave product not from