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Pressure Relief

Airweave cushions use the same Airfiber technology found in our mattresses and pillows. This breathable material promotes air circulation and reduces pressure points, keeping you comfortable for extended periods. Perfect for offices, commutes, or everyday use, our cushions are portable and ergonomically designed to improve your posture and reduce back pain.

Japanese Cushion

The Zabaton, a traditional Japanese cushion, gets a modern upgrade with our Airfiber technology which promotes proper posture and reduces pressure on your legs and back.

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Seat Cushion

The seat cushion utilizes Airfiber technology for a cooler, more comfortable sit. Unlike traditional cushions that trap heat, Airweave promotes air circulation and reduces pressure points.

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The Airweave Advantage

Fall asleep faster and easier than ever with our science-backed Airfiber technology. We have the results to prove it.


Airweave seat cushions are able to be cleaned easily. The outer cover and inner Airfiber inserts are entirely washable.

High Rebound

Airfiber technology is a new material innovation in the mattress industry, allowing better distribution of weight, regulation of temperature, and reduction of pain.

Pressure Relief

With excellent pressure distribution, Airfiber minimizes strain and promotes healthy posture.


Airfiber's® 90% air composition is exceptional for breathability. It keeps you cool and dry. It allows better airflow than any other material including memory foam.

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