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Unlike the familiar futon sofa bed found in America, Japanese futons are a traditional mattress generally placed on tatami mats for added comfort. Our Japanese Futon is designed to be easily folded and stored during the day to allow other uses for the room.

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Traveling to Japan?

Immerse yourself in Japanese tradition at Kagaya Ryokan, Ishikawa. This historic ryokan, founded in 1906 and voted #1 for 36 years, offers a truly authentic experience with stunning natural surroundings. Unwind in ultimate comfort with Airweave Japanese Futons in every room, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

Japan's Most Loved Mattress

One Futon, Endless Possibilities

Find Your Perfect Sleep Setup with the Japanese Futon

On Floor

For an authentic Japanese sleep experience, futons are paired with tatami mats for added comfort

On Frame

If you prefer a higher sleeping position for easier entry and exit from your bed, a frame can elevate the futon

On Mattress

Use as a topper to add an extra layer of firmness to your mattress, creating a more supportive sleeping surface


Science confirms Airweave mattresses deliver truly supportive sleep. Our groundbreaking sleep research, the first of its kind to be published in medical journals, validates the effectiveness of our innovative Airfiber® technology in promoting pressure relief and optimal spinal alignment, reducing pain for a deeper, more restorative sleep.

The Airweave Advantage

Fall asleep faster and easier than ever with our science-backed Airfiber technology. We have the results to prove it.


Airweave mattresses are able to be cleaned easily. The outer cover and inner Airfiber blocks are entirely washable, hypoallergenic, and an environment that bed
bugs can't live. 

High Rebound

Airfiber technology is a new material innovation in the mattress industry, allowing better distribution of weight, regulation of temperature, and reduction of pain.


The Futon has an all-season outer cover which helps regulate body temperature. You can flip the Futon over if you need to feel warmer or cooler.


Airfiber's® 90% air composition is exceptional for breathability. It keeps you cool and dry. It allows better airflow than any other material including memory foam.

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