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Guest Post: Why Spine Alignment is so Important in a Mattress

We're sharing a guest post by the Mattress Advisor team on something that's super important to our customers - spine alignment, reducing pain and waking up feeling your best!

Have you ever wondered why you wake up sore in the morning? Or why you have trouble getting comfortable at night? Believe it or not, your mattress could be to blame.

 Dr. Dominique of Alpine Chiropractic in North Carolina reported that 20-30% of his patients, who come in with reports of waking up in chronic pain, can relate the issue back to a poor mattress. Dr. Pristavec of Elite Performance Chiropractic agreed, saying roughly 20% of her patients come in with pain that a bad mattress could be contributing to. Both doctors said most of the time their patients don’t even realize their mattress could be part of the problem.


What is spine alignment?

How well a mattress keeps your spine alignment plays a big role in whether you wake up with aches or pains. When we say spine alignment, all we mean is how straight your spine is from your tailbone to the base of your neck. In order to stay pain free, you’ll want your mattress to stay in the most neutral position as possible when you sleep.

There’s just one problem - you lose all musculoskeletal function when you are sleep, leaving you to the mercy of your mattress.

 If you are on the right mattress, not to worry! With the proper lumbar support, you have nothing to fear. On the other hand, if you are on the wrong mattress, you may be in trouble.

If your mattress is creeping up in years, it’s not uncommon for it to develop a sag towards the middle. If that’s the case, you may need to go shopping.


Why you should care about spine alignment

“A mattress can sometimes ‘hammock’ a person, which creates a pinch point in the lower lumbar spine. This provokes issues of chronic pain,” Dr. Dominique says. And if your spine is thrown all out of whack, that leads to a host of other problems such as neck pain, muscle tightness and uneven hips. Most issues stem from spine.


Why the airweave rocks at keeping spines aligned

The good news is that the airweave mattress rocks when it comes to spine alignment. In the Mattress Advisor spine alignment test, this mattress scored a perfect 10 out of 10, meaning those spines were straight as can be!

Support and firmness play a big role in spine alignment. The airweave’s firm surface and unique construction create the perfect recipe for a well-supported spine.

Visit Mattress Advisor to see our full review of the airweave or to learn more about how to find the best mattress for your needs!  

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