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Airweave Debuts Limited Edition Dog Bed In The US

Our Modular & 100% Washable Mattress Design Now Available For Pets

It's true! Now your dog can enjoy the benefits of airweave just like you.

airweave Ambassador Masaru on the airweave Dog Bed with Owner Alina Zagitova

The Dog Bed takes no shortcuts in terms of materials and design. Like the airweave Mattress Advanced, the bed is modular and consists of 3 airfiber® core pieces, a pillow top layer, and removable outer cover. And something all pet owners will love — it’s 100% washable. The brand’s proprietary airfiber® mattress material features benefits that pets and humans alike love, including: 

  • Durable 
  • Non-toxic
  • Breathable
  • 100% washable & easy to clean
  • Reduces muscle strain when getting off the bed or rolling around

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Airweave recognized that the supportive comfort of their mattresses and toppers were loved by not only humans, but also their four-legged friends. In December of 2018 the brand signed their very first “Am-BARK-ssador”, Masaru, the Akita Inu owned by Russian Figure Skating Champion Alina Zagitova. Masaru was gifted a prototype of the dog bed.

Tapping into Japan’s growing audience of luxury pet consumers, airweave launched the Dog Bed in early 2019 as a limited edition item. Seeing the success in Japan, the brand is excited to continue expanding their product offering beyond mattresses and toppers in the U.S with this launch. 


The airweave Dog bed.

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