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How airweave Gives Back

Giving Back To Society

Revitalizing youth in dance after the 2011 Japan earthquake.

"I felt the power to the future blooming in everyone's mind… Dance helps getting over tough times in your life. Same for me."

- Dorothée Gilbert, Paris Opera Etoile

We were all struck with grief from the devastation left by the 2011 Japan earthquake, the largest to ever hit the island.

The years following left the people in the region of Tohoku slowly piecing their communities back together. Many programs for the region’s youth were left behind. With strong ties to educational and art institutes, we saw an opportunity to give back.

"I started dancing in a small town in Italy. Ballet gives you energy to live and a strong mind. Never give up your dream because it opens up your future."

- Silvia Azzoni, Professional Ballet Dancer

Prior to the earthquake, top ballet schools in Tohoku had the opportunity to work with the Paris Opera Etoiles, the prestigious company’s star dancers. As a sponsor to the students of the Paris Opera Ballet School and committed to the advancement of youth in the arts and education, airweave organized a very special event with the Etoiles and over 500 aspiring Japanese ballet students in 2014 for what was called the Super Ballet Lesson of Tohoku.

This event was conceptualized by airweave and the Paris Opera to give these little dancers hope while also encouraging the parents and adults all around them.

"Dancing together with my friends helped me get over the grief."

- Emiri Masuda, ballet student

With the support of the French Embassy, airweave was able to bring 11 professional dancers from the Paris Opera and other top companies to participate in 2 days of dance workshops at schools in Sendai, Fukushima, and Ishinomaki. Getting to dance again with the men and women they idolized was an opportunity the students thought they would never have again in their hometowns. The impact was so positive for everyone involved and gave these students great inspiration to keep pursuing their dreams.

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