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Sleep Retailer: Airweave Teams Up With Nap York – A New Kind Of Wellness Club

Airweave is expanding its consumer reach with a unique new partnership with Nap York, Manhattan’s newest wellness club. Set to open this spring, the club is touted as a personal oasis in the middle of bustling New York City, providing members and drop-in guests with a break from their busy days. Visitors can sample healthy drinks and healthful food offerings, participate in yoga or guided meditation classes and even take a nap in private pods. The four-story space has dedicated an entire floor for its signature “Nap York Pods,” which are fully outfitted with airweave mattresses, pillows and blankets.  

An ideal partner for the health and wellness oriented club, airweave shares Nap York’s innovative and conscientious approach to creating a clean sleep environment. All of airweave’s products are 100% washable, providing Nap York with the highest level of hygienic standards. Airweave also ensures that a thirty-minute snooze at Nap York will pack a punch; each airweave product provides science-backed sleep benefits to help guests achieve a deeper, more restful sleep.  In addition to airweave bedding and mattresses, each pod will be equipped with Nest Security safety features, starlit ceilings, charging stations and soundproof curtains. 

This new partnership is a unique opportunity for airweave to connect with some of New York’s busiest consumers. To enjoy a break at Nap York and experience an airweave mattress program, members pay $99 a month for unlimited use of the club and $10 a month to have discounted access to the nap pods, café and work spaces for 30 minute increments.  

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