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Research Showing Improved Athletic Performance Published by Scientific Reports

airweave research results show improvement in athletic performance

 Airweave's commissioned sleep study on the effects of sleep surface on athlete performance has been accepted to Scientific Reports, a research journal published by Nature Research. The study found young athletes who used airweave’s high rebound airfiber® mattress toppers observed tendencies of improved performance in athletic measurement compared to sleeping on low rebound memory foam mattress toppers or spring mattresses.

The research was conducted at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, using airweave’s high rebound mattress toppers made of airfiber® block, the brand’s proprietary and highly resilient interwoven resin fiber. 

“Previous studies have shown that airfiber® block’s breathability induces heat loss and enhances deep sleep with less sympathetic nerve activities in young male volunteers.  “Long restorative sleep is known to be associated with improvement in athletic performance,” said Motokuni Takaoka, President & CEO of airweave. “Now we can correlate that airweave’s mattress toppers produce more profound restoration during sleep and thus contributes to better athletic performance.” 

The study was conducted in two phases from 2013 to 2015 at the IMG Academy. Young male athletes between the ages of 10 to 19 participated: 51 in 2013 and 23 in 2014. Each athlete was evaluated on athletic performances for their 40-m sprint time, long jump distance, and star drill time.

Adequate sleep is essential for athlete success, and the results showed that selecting optimal sleep surfaces contribute to the maximization of athletic performances. “With the announcement of this research, it is now proven that good sleep enhances competitive athletic performance,” said Dr. Koji Kaneoka, an orthopedic surgeon and professor of sports sciences at Waseda University in Tokyo, and previously the doctor of the Japanese Olympic Committee for the London Olympics. “In an athletic competition such as the Olympics where the best competes, sleep quality may even change the color of the medal.”

The link to the full report can be found here.


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