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Article: New airweave mattress with innovative airfiber core arrives


New airweave mattress with innovative airfiber core arrives

NEW YORK, June 20 -- airweave, a company providing quality sleep to top athletes including Team USA, launches its first 8.5 inch thick mattress made from the unique airfiber material, immediately available for purchase at

With a focus on product engineering and sleep innovation, airweave supports United States Olympic Committee by providing over 300 super thin portable top mattresses for the upcoming Rio Olympics.  Yet its mattress is designed to provide quality sleep for everyone, the brand also offers its mattresses directly to consumers and through selected retailers. The company's innovative Japanese technology makes the airweave mattress a true premiere in the bedding industry."No foam, no springs, 90% air." With its highly flexible airfiber core, airweave demonstrates a clear opposition to any product available on the market. Consumers can receive the airweave mattress right to their door and with a 60-night trial period everyone can enjoy true quality sleep.

"True innovation doesn't come around often, especially in the bedding industry," says Motokuni Takaoka, the founder and CEO of airweave. "Our unique airfiber technology is at the forefront of innovation and embodies what we stand for. Endless research goes into our products so we can provide quality sleep to everyone. We have now created our new airweave mattress specifically tailored to the needs of US consumers and are proud to present it."

Lightweight and breathable! Its most popular benefit – the feature that has allowed airweave grow to become a $100 million company in Japan – is body temperature regulation. airweave mattress is uniquely breathable and resilient.  It helps to lower the core body temperature of users, which correlates to deeper, more restful sleep. Many popular bedding surfaces are not optimized to the sleeper – the apparent short term benefit of soft, yielding bedding, which often tempts buyers in-store, can lead to raised temperatures and general restlessness.

Proud to be supporting the USOC, Team USA and our ongoing support for athletes such as Bubba Watson and Ryan Lochte, airweave is chosen by the best of the best to help them get The Quality Sleep they need to succeed.

The new airweave is now available in all sizes. The most popular unit, a queen-size airweave mattress is available for $1300. All sized airweave mattresses are approximately 8.5 inches thick. For a range of prices between those sizes, please visit

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