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Complete Recycling of Bedding for JAL International Flights

airweave's commitment to the SDGs "From Bedding to Bedding"



airwave bedding has been used in JAL international business class since 2013 and in first class since 2014. We have decided to replace 8,200 mattress pads in the business class and will engage in material recycling by cleaning and dissolving used products and reprocessing them.


airwave JAL SKYSUITE Special Edition

The thickness of the airfiber® filling material has been increased from 2 cm to 2.5 cm for a more comfortable sleeping position. It is firmer on the lower back to maintain the S-curve of the spine, which is considered to be the ideal sleeping posture, and to reduce the burden on the lower back. 10% of the airfiber comes from the recycled PE (polyethylene) 

Zero waste is achieved through "horizontal recycling" from mattress to mattress.


Recycling flow:

  • Recovery of our beddings
  • Classification between airfiber® and covers

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