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Airweave at the PGA Tour ZOZO Championship

Japan's first-ever PGA Golf Championship ended last week with a win by the legend Tiger Woods, but it began with players and caddies getting to experience and sleep on airweave. 

As a sponsor to the ZOZO Championship, we were able to welcome the athletes and their caddies to the tournament-hosted hotel in Narita, with the opportunity to be measured using our Bodygram to provide each one with a customized airweave mattress topper for them to sleep on.  As airweave continually strives to support elite athletes in achieving The Quality Sleep, this was the first time we brought our Bodygram App to provide customized toppers based on the app's recommendations.

About Bodygram

The easy-to-use smartphone app requires 2 photos of the body (front & side). From there, Bodygram analyzes each user's body size with our own statistical data collected through our years of conducting sleep studies, to determine the best firmness pattern of each of our 3-part mattresses (like our Mattress Advanced) or toppers. Firmness pattern can range from soft to extra firm and as we've found through our research, each body type requires a different amount of support at the head, mid, and foot section of the bed.

With Bodygram and the advancement of our airfiber® technology to produce a range of firmness levels, we're able to provide an even more customized sleep to athletes.

Bodygram analysis

Bodygram Analysis

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